With flesh-ripping pain,
Streams of scarlet flow from the pen
Of the author of this new covenant.
In unfathomable agony He completes
A work for this joy before Him.
Inscribing new names for each,
He claims a forever bride,
With the surety of His promise
And sufficiency of His grace.

–Delia Gross

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The World According to Delia Gross

“The voyage of discovery lies not in finding new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” –Marcel Proust

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Hello world!

Well, I have put this off long enough. Doubting myself as a writer has justified years of procrastination. I have to clear this emotional hurdle, dispel insecurities, and just get over and on with it. I have a voice and a view of the world as valid as anyone’s, and with years of experiences from which to glean. So here goes…

There is no better time than now to officially begin this “blog.”

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